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Nearly 20 years Developing and Implementing Easy to use and Very productive software...
The following is just a small bit of what I have accomplished and created for a great many companies to make them more profitable and efficient.

Remember Good Database Design Saves Keystrokes... which saves $$$$

I have connected Access to anything from AutoCAD to Zebra barcode printers. From automated machinery using serial ports
 including Carbon Fiber spinning machines to tracking hurricane home damage insurance claims.
From Printing 3 barcode labels on a Book, to Check Weigher conveyor systems. Bar-coding is my specialty.
If you need to find or track anything and if it has a barcode on it, I can do it. Whether it be time, location, quantity or price, I have been there and done that already a few times and then some! When everyone else says "You want to do what?" I made it happen. From a pipe dream to "We've been wanting to do that for years". or "It sure would be nice it it could do this?"

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Multi Column Simultaneous Search allows searching with several criteria at once.
Even Printed barcode shelf labels

Time tracking system/Job Costing, Tracks Jobs, time spent, type of work done, expenses and mileage...
Interfaces on-line payroll system.
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Timesheet: keeps track of all employees hours, Time spent on projects expenses on projects etc.
Eliminates error since everything is chosen from dropdown boxes...
Timesheet could be very quickly filled in by typing the first letter of two in a drop down box and pressing TAB.
for Example M, TAB, R, TAB, the project number and in seconds you had the whole thing done.
Also you could copy a record and then change a few items

Cash Register
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 CD Sales with barcode scanning uploaded sales stats to sales tracking WEB site similar to Billboard Magazine..

Patient Care tracking
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Custom databases
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Created numerous barcode applications.

AutoCAD interfacing, Engineering project management, tracking and costing...

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Used AutoCAD VBA functionality to create a powerful Engineering job tracking and assignment application suite.
The overseeing manager assigned engineers a project by finding it in a drop down list. When the Engineer was ready for his next project he simply opened a screen and was able to view assigned projects. He choose the next job in his list and the system then assigned a new job number based on the customers last job number folder name automatically. This also created a time tracking entry as well for job costing later.  I created the system to interface with AutoCAD's VBA power to create template title blocks with the job number and engineers info filled in already. This system did away with the mundane tasks of the projects such as keeping track of time, keeping track of folder names and their correct locations. The entire process from job assignment to releasing to the shop floor was done as efficiently as it could be and any information was never re-keyed it was just mouse clicked from a list. The pertinent data needed by shop floor personnel was already in the title block as a barcode to alleviate them from wasting time as well. Also created a VB6 app to let an engineer simply scan the drawing number barcode and instantly load the drawing on the screen. Since the system knew where it placed the drawings to begin with. No more wasting time double clicking through countless folder trees and searching Windows. Time tracked to a project was also automatic as the program simply looked in the AutoCAD title block and got the job number from inside the drawing. Each engineer had a custom icon on their desktop with employee number, and plant location. Clicking one button started time on a job by a particular person and assigned the task they were doing. The final system allowed any project to be examined for who did what, where and when. You could instantly find any part in the factory thanks to this system and using bar-code tracking.

The receptionist best tool for keeping track of Company Employees whether they are In or Out.
Application to shows employee status, IN or OUT or at Lunch, on Vacation etc.
Employees that are in the office at a desk most of the time have a tiny app they can punch in and out of or set to lunch, do not disturb, etc.
when an Employee changes their status such as going to lunch the Receptionist screen automatically changes too.
Employees that are on the road and come back in. also Employees can walk past the receptionist and let her know their status and she can make the change on the master screen. its also has the date and time of the Lunch or Vacation as well as the return date, back from vacation.

AutoCAD Barcodes PRO. I created a program and shapes files to input barcodes on a drawing and then print out a scanable barcode eliminating the need for extra paperwork attached to a drawing or affixing barcode labels to the drawing. Adding barcodes to a drawing allows it to be scanned and thus it and the parts being made from it to be tracked throughout the production floor. In front of each computer was a hard sheet of each employee ID number. They simply scanned their ID and the process such as Milling, CNC, Lathe or Deburr etc and the job number on the drawing to track time on the job,.



I used VB6 to create simple small interfaces to many devices using serial port communication.
From connecting to PLCs to monitor Eye glasses lens packaging and barcode labeling, to weighing Carbon Fiber thread spools spun on reels.

If you need to find or track anything and if it has a barcode on it and you want to track it I can do it.

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