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Why us?

I started work at McDonalds Restaurant at age 15. What I took away from that experience beside smelling like a Grease Bin was the ability to be productive and streamlining processes, to be quick and efficient. I now have the ability to look at a process and see how to make it better, quicker, and above all more cost effective. After McDonalds I got involved in manufacturing.

 I spent many years in factories as an assembler and was promoted to and automated machine maintenance man. I also learned how to be a machinist from an Air Force Captain who taught me for several years while working as the repairman.  I worked for many years as a Machinist after that and also as a automated factory machine builder. I took 3 AutoCAD classes and St .Pete College while working on my AS degree in Electronic Engineering. I was later promoted to designing and documenting machines using AutoCAD and interfaced AutoCAD with Microsoft Access to speed transfer of data to and from to MRP packages.  I have a Certification in Windows NT Server/Workstation and A+ which is computer hardware. So I understand servers and networking and how to fix and build computers. I am a trained Dell service technician. I also have certifications from Symbol in bar-coding. I have written countless Microsoft Access applications and continue to use it and SQL Server to gather data and create user interfaces. I specialize in taking paper based forms and bringing them to the computer. And taking manual tasks and making them computerized. I am a great communicator/documenter because I can talk at all levels of personnel from the lowest to the highest. I have written technical manuals with photos and Illustrations with complete Bill Of  Materials for users who have never seen a machine to be able to get it up and running. It included a WEB interface page to allow end users to quickly order spare parts.